World of Warcraft

I have never played World of Warcraft but know of people who do.  There are many millions of them and, as university student Sean Li attests in his blog entry, his experiment with WoW was very addictive.  He also mentions that one particular aspect of the game he played had a quest to stop deafforestation of the Night Elves’ forest.  This could provide a starting point for a Technology design challenge and links nicely with the Sustainability Cross Curricula priority.

However, the part I like about WoW is the online collaboration that occurs during ingame play.  An online identity is becoming a very significant aspect of everyone’s lives, not just in games but in all social media.  Students need to know how to act safely, responsibly and ethically in these environments as all actions on the internet have consequences – be they good or bad.

These are the Australian Curriculum Technologies areas that WoW can support:

Digital technologies: Year 7

Creating and interacting online 8.11 – select and apply generally accepted social and technical protocols when sharing information online and collaborating with local, regional and global audiences taking into account social contexts.

Design and Technologies: Year 7

Generating, developing and evaluating ideas 8.8 – generate, develop, communicate, test, evaluate and communicate design ideas, plans and process for identified needs and audiences using digital technologies and collaborative techniques.

My ideas, like the computer games I feature, are just springboards to spark your own imagination and creativity.

Enjoy and thanks for reading!


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